We don’t see problems, we see puzzles that we can solve.

Your great idea deserves a great software development team to bring your vision to life.

What Puzzl offers:

Puzzl focuses on the coding solutions needed for ‘run projects’ or projects that require day-to-day maintenance and frequent updates. The dynamic nature of these projects allows rookie software developers to contribute daily and learn new software development skills in a meaningful way from the get-go. Although reasonably niche, this narrow business focus ensures that the Puzzl core principles are never compromised whilst delivering the highest standard of work.

Stack coverage

Puzzl developers have experience in a wide range of software development skills and can develop tools on virtually any web-based platform. Some examples of the technologies used are: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Javascript, React, iOS. We stay current with the latest technology trends and we are not scared to try new things, so if your project requires a different web-based platform than listed above, we are happy to take on the challenge.

What is Puzzl?

Puzzl delivers senior software developer workmanship at an affordable price no matter the build. The Puzzl experience hinges on four core principles:

Access to expert software developers

Senior software developers correspond directly with clients and take full accountability for the project. Over time, rookie software developers are integrated into correspondence on the project as their skills develop to ensure they are up to the task and ready to help to the best of their abilities.

Skills development

Puzzl aims to help reduce the dual challenge of software skill shortage and high unemployment. Novice software developers learn coding and professional skills through working with a highly skilled senior software developer on a daily basis, where they are brought up through our mentor programs in order to build up their knowledge and experience.

Symbiotic rookie-mentor relationships

Having simpler coding tasks completed by supervised rookies reduces the cost of the Puzzl experience. Senior mentors work alongside rookie software developers and review all code to ensure quality standards are adhered to throughout the entire project, while passing on valuable knowledge to the next generation of developers.

Reducing project stress

The synergetic mentor-rookie relationship ensures that project knowledge is shared and never rests on a single person. In this way, Puzzl reduces the debilitating costs of churn and ensures the project always runs smoothly and in a timely manner whilst ensuring you, the client, is always kept up to date.


“Each sprint (with Puzzl) produced code that was elegant and well-tested. Jono has recruited a team of high performers who are thorough in their approach to problem-solving.”

Andrew Lynch (Shopdeploy)

“Jono is passionate about software development and systems design, does not shy away from complexity, and is eager to mentor… he is highly recommended.”

Pieter Malan (EdX / 2U / GetSmarter)

“I am frequently and consistently impressed by Lizelle. To have an engineer take the time to actually look into a challenge and provide a thorough analysis, rationale, and recommendations is not common (or at least not as common as I wish it were). In the day and age where it's easier to just sit back and do the work than it is to do the digging, this skill is invaluable, especially in our fast paced, revenue sensitive environment.”

JP Erasmus (EdX / 2U / GetSmarter)

“Their attention to detail ensures that the solution considers not only the problem to be solved, but how it affects the current product.”

Natalie Macwilliam (think3dots)

“Over time, we've thrown more complicated tasks to the team, which they consistently handle well. Jono adeptly manages his team and our partnership.”

Ben Hart (Nawiri Group)

Meet the team

Jono Booth
Founder and Lead Developer
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Hanno Opperman
Senior Contractor
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Leon Voss
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Liam Paris
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Ewan Tasker
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Lizelle Smit
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Njabulo Nxumalo
Junior Developer
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Hazel Grace
Office Administrator
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